Manic Mondays & Sad Sundays

You know how sometimes on Monday mornings when the work and/or school week begins, you might find yourself rushing around, spilling a cup of to-go coffee on yourself on the way out the door, or, if you have kids, you may be hurrying them unsuccessfully until it begins to feel like corralling cats? Can you relate to how it feels sometimes on Sunday evenings when you realize the fun you had over the weekend is starting to wane into a mere memory, and that Monday begins in just hours?

Those contrasts in two ways of feeling are a little bit what it feels like to have bipolar disorder. Only as someone who lives with bipolar I, extremes in mood can be amplified even more, and a better analogy is something such as the difference between how you feel watching butterflies in your garden or watching slugs. Actually, that’s not a very good example either. Some people may very well prefer watching slugs.

Since everyone’s experiences with mood disorders are different, all I really have to offer is my own journey with having one. I hope that in sharing it in this very public way, that others may not feel so alone or ashamed of the biology they have been dealt, and the challenges that brings. And so, today my blog is born.

Visit “Manic Mondays & Sad Sundays” as often as you like. I’ll try to post a few times a week, but since part of my recovery journey has been to admit when I’m taking on too much, I will not promise that.


Colleen Wells


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